Teacher Profile: Caitlin Bacher

Do you ever come across someone online and immediately realize that they are exactly the type of awesome person you can relate to? Caitlin is one of those people for me, and after being a member of her private Facebook group for a while (it’s free, go join it!), I love the work she’s doing to help creative business owners take charge and succeed. Right up my alley.

Caitlin is super-psyched to join us in a few weeks in Seattle for School House Craft (don’t you have your tickets yet?). She’s a social media maven, a bossy biz lady (I think she should trademark that phrase), and I’m just plain excited to meet her in person, even if I’m more of Red Vines kind of guy.

About Caitlin

Caitlin Bacher-Little Farm MediaCaitlin Bacher is a speaker, blogger, online course creator, and consultant for creative biz owners who want to increase sales with social media. Without any formal business training, she founded Little Farm Media in 2014 as a side project while she stayed at home with her young daughter. Within a year she grew her business to five figures a month by implementing her unique social media strategies.

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Caitlin lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her patient husband, spirited daughter, and grumpy cat. When not helping others build their creative empires, she can be found watching BravoTV, attempting yoga, and eating Twizzlers.

Pins and Needles: Make Your Pinterest Account Work for You in 90 minutes or Less

Saturday, 3:15–4:45pm

Everyone told you that your small business should be on Pinterest. You started a business account, verified your website, and pinned all your products to a board. After an initial burst of followers, your account hasn’t seen any action. I guess your business isn’t suited for Pinterest, right? Wrong. Let’s get your account working for you. Guaranteed.

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Website: littlefarmmedia.com

Instagram: @caitlinbacher

Facebook: fb.me/caitlin.bacher

Twitter: @caitlinbacher

Pinterest: @caitlinbacher

Periscope: @caitlinbacher

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