Teacher Profile: Caitlin Bacher

Do you ever come across someone online and immediately realize that they are exactly the type of awesome person you can relate to? Caitlin is one of those people for me, and after being a member of her private Facebook group for a while (it’s free, go join it!), I love the work she’s doing to help creative business owners take charge and succeed. Right up my alley.

Caitlin is super-psyched to join us in a few weeks in Seattle for School House Craft (don’t you have your tickets yet?). She’s a social media maven, a bossy biz lady (I think she should trademark that phrase), and I’m just plain excited to meet her in person, even if I’m more of Red Vines kind of guy.

About Caitlin

Caitlin Bacher-Little Farm MediaCaitlin Bacher is a speaker, blogger, online course creator, and consultant for creative biz owners who want to increase sales with social media. Without any formal business training, she founded Little Farm Media in 2014 as a side project while she stayed at home with her young daughter. Within a year she grew her business to five figures a month by implementing her unique social media strategies.

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Caitlin lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her patient husband, spirited daughter, and grumpy cat. When not helping others build their creative empires, she can be found watching BravoTV, attempting yoga, and eating Twizzlers.

Pins and Needles: Make Your Pinterest Account Work for You in 90 minutes or Less

Saturday, 3:15–4:45pm

Everyone told you that your small business should be on Pinterest. You started a business account, verified your website, and pinned all your products to a board. After an initial burst of followers, your account hasn’t seen any action. I guess your business isn’t suited for Pinterest, right? Wrong. Let’s get your account working for you. Guaranteed.

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Website: littlefarmmedia.com

Instagram: @caitlinbacher

Facebook: fb.me/caitlin.bacher

Twitter: @caitlinbacher

Pinterest: @caitlinbacher

Periscope: @caitlinbacher

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Teacher Profile: Tara Swiger

I’ve been wanting to bring Tara Swiger out to the Northwest for a few years now (ever since Maker’s Nation started), but we just couldn’t seem to make it happen for one reason or another. But School House Craft is the perfect fit, and I’m excited to bring Tara here from Johnsonville, Tennessee, to join us in a few weeks and share her knowledge with you. Naturally, I’m putting her to work—she’ll be teaching three workshops over the two days, ranging from paying yourself to building a customer path and getting things done.

About Tara

Tara SwigerTara Swiger is the author of Market Yourself, a system for creating a marketing plan for your craft business. She began her entrepreneurial journey as a yarn-maker, quit her day job in 2009 and has been teaching and writing  for handmade businesses for over 5 years. Her superpower is translating complex business principles into the language of artists and makers while creating doable Action Plans.

Tara’s taught marketing and business growth to traditional artists in rural North Carolina with the non-profit Handmade in America, to yarn shop owners at TNNA, to fiber farmers at the Camelid Conference, to makers at Craftcation and she’s taught 4 classes with CreativeLIVE.

Building Your Customer Path: Get the people who love your products to pay for them

Friday, 10:00–11:30am

As a crafter you have plenty of admirers, yet persuading someone who is interested in your work to become a paying customer is no small feat. Learn how you can create a customer path that gets people to find you, fall in love with you, and then pay for them again and again.

Pay Yourself: Find the Profit In Your Creative Business

Friday, 3:15–4:45pm

You want gorgeous, growing, beaming support from the work you love. You work hard, implement your ideas and move towards your goal. But you still wonder: How do I actually get there? To the point where I’m making money, paying myself and building something sustainable? There’s a way to pay yourself and still feel like a human. And an artist. The way you profit and remain human is simple, and Tara will show you how.

How To Get More Done: Create a Workday You Love

Saturday, 10:00–11:30am

Stop fretting over the limited number of hours in a day and get to work – the smart way! Tara will lead you to create your own simple action plan to manage your time, your business, and your family life more efficiently.

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Website: taraswiger.com

Instagram: @taraswiger

Facebook: fb.me/TaraSwigerPage

Twitter: @taraswiger

YouTube: blondechickenyarn

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Teacher Profile: Katie Hunt

As I was searching for potential keynote speakers this year, I reached out to past SHC teacher and friend, Tara Gentile. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure how Tara and Katie know each other, but when she suggested Katie, I knew right away that she’d be a great candidate. (Tara is one of those people whose recommendations are always solid.) I’m thrilled that Katie was available and willing to join us this year! Not only will she be giving the Friday morning keynote on “Finding Your Tribe and Loving Them Hard”, she’s teaching a fantastic fundamentals class on determining whether or not wholesale is the right direction for your product-based business.

About Katie

Katie Hunt Full HeadshotKatie is the founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp and owner of Kelp Designs, a Southern California based stationery studio offering greeting cards, boxed notes and other paper accessories in stores nationwide. She launched her wholesale line in 2009 and has exhibited at the National Stationery Show for 7 consecutive years.

Katie earned an MBA in marketing and finance from Loyola Marymount University and has spent the last 15 years coaching large corporations and solo entrepreneurs on marketing and business development strategies, while building Kelp Designs and Tradeshow Bootcamp. Katie is a firm believer in professional development, surrounding yourself with strong mentors / community and pushing ‘go’ even when you might not feel ready.

While in the corporate world, Katie led international marketing teams, managed annual budgets over $1.5 million, wrote and implemented more business plans than she can count and organized events. Lots of events; everything from trade shows, to international conferences, webinars for hundreds of attendees, intimate workshops, and 1-1 new business meetings.

Katie has presented at Unique CAMP,  Nearly Impossible and Academy of Handmade Artists and written articles for UpperCase Magazine and Etsy Wholesale.  Through Tradeshow Bootcamp, Katie has hosted more than 100 webinars, 6 Paper Camp conferences and spent over 200 hours providing 1-1 coaching to independent artists and small businesses.

Katie’s strengths lie in connecting people and bringing ideas to life – brainstorming, making a plan and executing. She’s a bit type-A, overly organized and has an affinity for calendars, check-lists and a love for notebooks that only stationers will understand.

She often describes Tradeshow Bootcamp as the perfect merging of her two worlds; her happy place where she can share her business expertise and knowledge with an industry and clients that she loves.

Katie has a passion for creating, a mind for business and a strong desire to help others succeed. When she’s not cheering on TSBC alums or dreaming up new workshops, you can find her spending time with her husband and three kids (5yo, 3yo and 1yo), hosting friends for dinner, or surfing Instagram.

Selling Wholesale: Is it the Next Step for My Business?

Saturday, 10:00–11:30am

While it is exciting to think about your products lining the shelves of Target or beautifully displayed in Anthropologie, making the jump to wholesale should not be taken lightly. Selling wholesale is a different ball game than working directly with end consumers therefore your approach needs to be different. This workshop will discuss what it means to sell wholesale, pricing strategies and sales tools you need to have for wholesale. We’ll walk through exercises to help you determine if wholesale is the best next step for your business. Perfect for the beginner just starting out or someone looking to take a step in this direction with their existing retail products.

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Website: tradeshowcamp.com

Instagram: @tradeshowcamp

Facebook: fb.me/tradeshowcamp

Twitter: @tradeshowcamp

Periscope: @tradeshowcamp

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